Books about Ireland include a collection of Irish Genealogy  and history books which cover over 25 towns of Ireland. The Irish Genealogy books that cover Wicklow include The Arklow Genealogy book.

Exploring Family Origins in

Arklow Town

This book covers all the Streets, Lanes, and Yards of Arklow as well as 70 Townlands that surround the town..

Included in the book is the Griffiths Valuation of 1858 with corresponding 1855 Map. This lists the head tenants of each household

Slaters Directory of 1894.

The complete 1901 & 1911 Census for the Town, which lists everybody who was living in the town in those years.

The 19439/40 Electors Register which lists everybody who lived in the town in 1939 that was over the age of 18.

An 1880 & 1937 Pub List which lists the 29 Publicans back then.

A Brief history of The 1798 Rising, Arklow's Gold Rush and its Fishing Industry. 

A Townland Map

Several Old Photos of Arklow

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