Ireland's historic houses are a glorious part of her history and heritage. Their range is incredible: a large country house whose family still live on the site they occupied 1500 years ago; the humble cottage of a future President of the United States; great mansions packed with treasures; houses that feature in poetry and song as well as in history. There are former castles and abbeys and the most beautiful gardens and parklands. This colour-illustrated, pocket-sized guide includes a selection of around 80 of the best-known locations open to the public. Each individual entry is illustrated in colour and all practical details a visitor needs to plan and enjoy a visit are provided. There is up-to-date information on:
Opening times, dates and admission charges
Locations and access
Facilities such as tea rooms and shops
Disabled access
Map of locations

A concise description of each location is given, covering its history, former inhabitants, architecture, contents and any other special features.

by Kevin O'Connor



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